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Why is it called LA BRANCHE?

In French, une branche d'arbre is a tree branch, which I see as the support my clients may need from me before they feel confident enough to 'fly' by themselves.

Être branché means to be trendy. During my classes, you can expect to work with modern & authentic material, to fit with your daily challenges in France. From current articles to the newest videos, I will provide you with some engaging and inspiring documentation.

Être branché also means to be connected, as I offer some online classes to adjust to your location - let's learn French from anywhere in the world!

Ça vous branche ? Are you up for it?  

My engagements


I'm available for you and try to adjust the best to your schedule.

Depending on your needs, I'll always adapt the material and arrange a gratifying progression for you to feel your evolution.



Understanding the expectations of my clients to offer them an adequate program is my main priority. I'm committed to ensure your progress, and make you reach your goals actively and quickly.




Online classes have a lot of advantages! You can contact me from anywhere - your home, a cafe, Paris or Tokyo, you choose.

I guarantee a consistent program, easily doable at distance, with as much interaction and dynamics as a traditional face-to-face class. 



During my classes, we are building your confidence by encouraging you to try and to make mistakes. Any question, any suggestion is welcome: trying is the first step to success!

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