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Let's meet online!

The first 30 min meeting is free, for us to connect and determine your future program together.


Connect with me from anywhere, at home, at a cafe, or at your office. Traveling? Our classes can continue from wherever you go. 


Enjoy the convenience of being able to log on to your class without leaving the comfort of your home, or scheduling a course in between work meetings.


During the class, you get interactive material. After our meeting, I send you a recapitulative email with additional documentation.


I use Zoom or Hangouts for my classes; we will work on Google docs and communicate through Whatsapp or Messenger: let's take advantage of the many possibilities tech offers!


You get a degressive rate according to the program you choose. Go to FEES to get information about the different learning programs available.


We schedule your classes in advance, for you to have a clear overview of our planning.  You get a weekly reminder every Monday. Classes are cancelable with one day's notice. 

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